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Cedar Dean are the UK's leading commercial property restructuring specialists. Our highly qualified team of advisors work with both Landlords and Tenants to reach viable solutions on fixed property costs using a fresh and innovative approach.

With over 25 years of experience and a strong market knowledge, we provide unrivalled advice and a tailor made service to meet each client's specific needs.

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CedarDean Rent Review


Cedar Dean understands that all Tenants have specific requirements. Our specialist team create a bespoke restructuring strategy based of the needs of each individual client.

Cedar Dean’s custom restructuring service has been proven to achieve savings through our core specialities including lease restructuring and re-gearing, rent reviews, lease renewal, insolvency advice and agency. The Cedar Team also work with landlords and banks to add private equity and ensure that businesses are able to meet their rent requirements.

CedarDean Rent Review

lease restructuring

Cedar Dean has extensive experience in lease restructuring to assist both Tenant and Landlord in achieving their long-term goals. The specialist lease restructuring team understand the difficulties arising from the upward only nature of rent reviews and negotiate between Landlord and Tenant to achieve the desired outcome for both parties.

Cedar Dean’s team of professional surveyors are consistently successful in overcoming difficult and inflexible lease terms In order to reduce rental overheads. We take the time to assess the nature of a company, look at its current financial standing and take its long term plan into account to provide a tailor-made service based on each individual business.

lease re-gearing

Lease re-gearing is a positive way to help clients achieve their goals. Lease re-gears depend on the willingness of both Tenant and Landlord to amend their existing lease obligations.

A lease can be varied at any time, however, rent reviews and break dates offer further flexibility forTenants to explore the possibilities of restructuring their lease.

Landlords are often willing to negotiate a lease re-gear as it delivers an increase in the value of their property and reduces the risk of a rent void.

The flexibility of lease re-gearing allows Cedar Dean to consider the requirements of the Landlord as well as the Tenant in order to produce a ‘win – win’ situation.

rent reviews

Rent review clauses are a prominent feature of most commercial leases. Cedar Dean believes that the key to optimal success for our clients is through ensuring that they are able to meet their rental obligations. With a detailed knowledge of a given market and an analysis of its trends, Cedar Dean use their skills to carry out rent reviews using an innovative and practical approach.

This method allows us to swiftly and effectively conclude outstanding and upcoming rent reviews that meet clients’ objectives. Cedar Dean concludes outstanding and upcoming rent reviews using a direct and open dialogue, meeting our clients’ objectives in an effective and timely manner.

lease renewals

Discover Cedar Dean’s pioneering approach to lease renewals.

When a commercial lease expires, new opportunities arise for both Tenants and Landlords to consider whether they wish to agree terms for a new lease. During this period, a number of issues are often raised for negotiation such as the length of the term, the inclusion of break clauses and the detailed terms of any service charge as well as the level of the rent.

Cedar Dean treats each case individually and often achieve the following financial incentives for Tenants:

  • Lease re-gearing to suit each business’s needs
  • Reductions in passing rent
  • Capital contributions for tenants looking to carry out refurbishments
  • Rent free periods


In the current economic climate, insolvencies have unfortunately become a routine part of the business environment. Cedar Dean works with a number of insolvency practitioners and corporate recovery teams, providing assistance and advice on how best to deal with their leasehold portfolio.

Dealing with insolvency is a particularly challenging time for any business, however, it does provide an opportunity to identify and mitigate problematic properties or leases with rents that are simply not viable.

Cedar Dean provides a service that allows for genuine mediation between Landlords and Tenants in order to solve debt problems and conflicts. Drafting in their specialist departments, Cedar Dean create bespoke solutions to solve debt problems and conflicts with Landlords.


Cedar Dean’s agency department works predominantly within the retail and leisure sector providing advice to Tenants on the following services:

  • Strategic lease surrenders
  • Assignments to other tenants
  • Change of use and re-letting
  • Subletting
  • Assisting closures

We strive to meet our clients’ needs by finding the best locations and considerably reducing their property costs. We deliver results using our vast knowledge of the market, a strong base of industry contacts and confidential off-market transactions.


Landlords play a pivotal role in the future of the UK economy. It is vital that Landlords are given necessary support, not just from banks but also from their Tenants to ensure that they can maintain their own financial standing and continue to run without negative equity.

Cedar Dean are proud to work with Landlords offering commercial and residential property management, lease renewals, lease extensions and securing tenants that are viable for each individual property in the long term. In delivering this service, Cedar Dean assists clients in growing a healthy property portfolio whilst seamlessly building bridges between Landlords and their Tenants.

CedarDean Rent Review

rent reviews

Cedar Dean operates an open dialogue policy when dealing with rent reviews.

Through collating information on the level of turnover and profits gained from a unit, along with a local area and property analysis, Cedar Dean can conclude a settlement to satisfy both Landlord and Tenant, avoiding the intervention and uncertainty of a third party.

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lease re-gearing

In an environment where commercial property is becoming less attractive for banks to invest in, it is imperative that leases are constantly reviewed to ensure adequate length of term. Lease re-gearing is an essential tool for Landlords to achieve their goals.

With a highly skilled team, Cedar Dean uses their expertise to liaise directly with Tenants in reaching an agreement to extend lease terms with Landlords. This gives Landlords the freedom to refinance or sell their investments, resulting in an opportunity to protect their investments and mitigate the risk of voids.

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lease renewals

Cedar Dean aims to provide their clients with the utmost security for their portfolio through lease renewals.

The lease renewals team work with Tenants to negotiate longer leases, allowing Landlords to retain an occupier for an extended period of time whilst, in turn, reducing costs for the Tenant.

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investment sales

Cedar Dean has the ability to deliver investment & development opportunities to its retained clients. With extensive experience in the UK property market, Cedar Dean utilises a wealth of knowledge, tailored to the particular requirements of each client.

With competency in dealing both on & off the market, Cedar Dean has developed enduring relationships with clients including property companies, private investors, pension funds and high net worth individuals across the UK and further afield.

At the heart of our agency lie three core values: innovation, discretion and the pursuit of long standing relationships with client and industry counterparts.

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Our sister company, Cedar Dean Gilmarc are paving the way as market leaders in the areas of retail and leisure although, with over 25 years of experience in the industry, their range of expertise spans across all sectors.

Cedar Dean Gilmarc are always on the lookout for new Landlord clients who have opportunities within their property portfolios. We are confident in matching new properties with appropriate Tenants and providing clients with sound property advice.

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Cedar Dean Management Solutions offers a wide range of commercial and residential property management solutions. We have an innovative pro-active approach to property management offering a tailored service dependent on the needs of each individual client, whether you are an institutional investor, property company or private investor.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that your property is being managed effectively in order to maintain high standards of service to your tenants whilst simultaneously delivering good value for money.

commercial property management

Whether you are a property owner, institution or family office, at Cedar Dean we are able to assist with your property holding by maximising its capital value through experienced asset management whilst managing liabilities and costs through highly effective day-to-day property management.

In addition, we offer property owners and their occupiers a “single point of contact”. A highly experienced Property Manager will manage the entire relationship to ensure seamless delivery of service.

Our services include:

  • Rent collection & Service Charge Administration (RICS Code Compliant)
  • Planned & Reactive Maintenance, Procurement & Contractor Management
  • Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals
  • Financial Management & Reporting and Statutory Compliance
  • Health & Safety and Risk Management
  • Lease Compliance
  • Insurance Management
  • Management of on-site staff

residential property management

Cedar Dean offers our experienced and first time residential Landlords a comprehensive property management service, which provides complete peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

Corporate and high quality tenants expect efficient management and a 24/7 service when they rent a property, and as a landlord, that can often be difficult to deliver. Our management service offers a team of reputable contractors that are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our services include:

  • Free rent guarantees covering all non-payment of rent and tenant eviction
  • Marketing, Letting and Negotiation
  • Referencing & Credit Checking
  • Inventory Preparation
  • Rent Collection
  • Health & Safety Certification
  • Furniture & Furnishings
  • Ongoing Repair & Maintenance

about us

Cedar Dean is a unique, London based company that specialises in providing advice for both Landlords and Tenants in the commercial property market.

With a proven track record and a team of skilled property professionals, Cedar Dean is leading the way as the UK’s top commercial property restructuring specialists.

Our core services include:

  • Lease restructuring
  • Lease re-gearing
  • Rent reviews
  • Lease renewals
  • Insolvency advice
  • Agency

David Abramson Bsc (Hons) MRPAS

Managing Director

David is the Managing Director of Cedar Dean. With over 15 years’ experience in the property sector specialising in the leasing of Retail and Leisure space, David is one of London's most well respected property advisors.

David has been responsible for brokering key property acquisitions for high level clients including Nobu, Novikov, Alan Yau, Black and Blue, Angus Steakhouse, Thomas Cook, La Tasca and Stonegate. He also oversees the Cedar Dean team and handles corporate mergers and acquisitions, providing strategic advice to a range of clients and sourcing off market property opportunities, leasehold and freehold.

When he is not in the office, David likes to spend time with his wife and 4 children. He also enjoys Thai Boxing and has recently taken up the guitar. Watch out Oasis!

Lee Isaacs MA MRICS


Lee began his commercial property career over 10 years ago in the commercial auctions department at Allsop and has worked for various surveying firms since then. He is a fully qualified chartered surveyor and now heads up the Cedar Dean lease restructuring team.

Lee is a problem solver. He uses the breadth of knowledge he has acquired coupled with hands on experience to find a solution to his clients’ needs. He serves clients across a broad range of real estate verticals including the commercial office and retail markets, the industrial and manufacturing markets, undeveloped and entitled land. He negotiates and closes transactions efficiently and effectively and has an excellent reputation for consistently agreeing deals that suit all parties. Some of Lee's clients include Thomas Cook, Subway UK, Stonegate, Evolutions TV, Intertain UK and Premium Bar and Restaurants.

Jason Ben-Zion MA MRICS

Head of Property Management Solutions

Jason heads up Cedar Dean Property Management Solutions. Over the last 10 years, he has gathered a very wide breadth of experience having managed large commercial and residential portfolios for the some of the UK’s largest landlords and institutions as well as high net worth local and international property investors.

As a qualified Chartered Surveyor having been involved with bank valuations, property investment, property development and refurbishment, Jason has a thorough understanding of the UK property market and how to enhance property value through effective and efficient property and asset management.

Henry Hersh BSc MRICS

Rent Review Surveyor

Henry has 25 years of experience in commercial property; he is a qualified chartered surveyor and has a degree in Estate Management from East London University. He joined Cedar Dean as a consultant Rent Review Surveyor, where he works across the leisure sector employing a strong focus on UK restaurants.

With a passion for the market and a fascination with obscure property challenges, Henry uses his expertise to provide the best advice for his clients. Henry relishes the opportunity to debate rental values and the minutia of legal issues on commercial properties. He has also been a member of RICS since 1990.

Charon Balarabe

PR and Head of Operations

Charon Balarabe BSc is the Head of Operations and PA to Cedar Dean Commercial’s Managing Director, David Abramson.

She plays an active role within the professional team, ensuring the smooth running of the office operations as well as managing the office administration and accounts, maintaining the property databases and dealing with daily client enquiries.

Melvyn Carter

Non Executive Chairman

Melvyn has specialised in dealing with Property related businesses including investors, developers, and the providers of advisory services. He sits on the board of various property companies and has been involved in building investment portfolios and development projects.

Melvyn has recently been appointed Chairman of Cedar Dean, where his role is to help and oversee the group's plans as it enters the next stages of its strategic expansion.

Outside of work Melvyn enjoys family life, has been involved in communal and charitable projects, and is a keen golfer and skier, albeit that his enthusiasm exceeds his ability!

our clients

  • Subway
  • Internacionale
  • Evolutions
  • ELMA
  • VIP Polymers
  • Intertain
  • La Tasca
  • Tisettanta Ltd
  • Walmsleys
  • Premium
  • Aviva
  • QD
  • Stonegate
  • Tinseltown

case studies

Leading UK Travel Agent

Cedar Dean successfully negotiated on more than 125 separate leases, saving in excess of £12m on rent. In 2012, Cedar Dean were instructed to advise on a portfolio of over 100 properties that were performing poorly as part of a high street group.

This provided short and long term sustained savings to the retailer, allowing them to continue trading in key locations.

Travel Agent

Intertain UK

Intertain is one of the leading hospitality companies in the UK, operating 58 bars and restaurants. Cedar Dean swiftly secured a number of lease renewals, capital contributions and rent reductions on behalf of Intertain.

In addition, Cedar Dean also agreed a surrender of properties for the company, which included gaining a substantial premium for their Covent Garden unit.



Cedar Dean has aided over 25 different Subway franchisees as well as assisting with various development agency services such as rent reviews, rent reductions and lease renewals. When required, Cedar Dean also facilitated the restructuring of the businesses and provided tenants with strategic assignments of leases.

Cedar Dean is an established name amongst the Subway fraternity for delivering winning results amongst its franchisees.


Premium Bars and Restaurants

Cedar Dean were instructed to deal with a number of toxic leases and poorly performing assets on behalf of Premium Bars and Restaurants stakeholders.

They successfully negotiated 12 separate transactions with savings in excess of £6m.


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